What issues does your Organization Encounter with Privacy and Technology?

My university of California Medical Center organization has issues with privacy and technology. Due to advanced expertise, security matters occur when hackers try to gain access to the school’s site protected coding. The privacy is also under siege when other parties apart from the designated ones gain access to confidential information. The breaches of security and private information are often intertwined on social networks.

What data or Information is Kept Private and Why?

There are a lot of information and data that the institution keeps private. Some of them are documents with employees’ and clients’ personal information. Examples are NRIC numbers, hand phone numbers, home addresses, name, and credit card numbers among others. The reason to keep this information private is to ensure it is out of reach from third parties who may try to infiltrate into clients’ private matters. The university also keeps office plans, office IDs and internal procedure manuals private to ensure that outsiders do not copy information from the school.

What Laws Govern the Privacy of Information in your Organization?

The Privacy Act is the law that govern the privacy of information in the organization. It lays out the procedures and handling practices of personal information. According to the law, individuals have the right to access and request correction of personal data that the federal institutions hold. Similarly, one has the liberty to seek legal action for any person that has been found violating the institution’s privacy.



Why does this Law Exist and do you think this Law should be Changed?

The law exists to protect people from violators of private information. As such, all individuals who try to access an institution’s confidential data without consent may be subjected to legal punishment. The Privacy Act governs the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of information about individuals, which organizations maintain in the system of records. I think that the law should not be changed to ensure that people continue enjoying protection of their privacy.