Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak established Apple, Inc. (“Apple”) on April 1, 1976. It was one of the major formations at that time to take advantage of the advancing technology. According to the article “What You Don’t Know About Apple,” there were signs that shows how well Apple continues to thrive and the way it has fallen both before and after Steve Jobs’ death. People question whether Apple will continue its path to be the frontrunner in revolutionizing the digital marketplace. Moreover, there are questions regarding whether Apple’s competition has increased their share of the marketplace at Apple’s expense, and if the company will succeed in Steve Jobs’ absence.

Will Apple continue to be the Frontrunner?

Consequently, Apple can continue its path to be the frontrunner in revolutionizing the digital marketplace. The management can achieve this by paying close attention to the customers’ needs and concerns. Customers are the most important stakeholders in a business. If they are treated well, they will improve their loyalty towards the enterprise. Most customers thought that Apple would fall apart due to Steve Jobs death. One of the reasons is that the stock market loved him. After his death, the investment community had to price in the possible effects to the company and its future. Many scholars affirm that Steve Jobs’s innovation was the smartest company in the world although it was in danger of falling behind Google and Facebook (Appleyard, 2013). Even though many Apple products sold well in the market, it took a number of years to see such sales. For example Carr (2013) claimed that it took two years for iPad to sell 100 million units, four years for iPhone and six years for iPod (Carr, 2013). The products have won the heart of many consumers due to their originality.

Apple has continued to dominate the market due to the provision of a wide range of products such as computers, smart phones, and other electronics. Even with such domination, it faces competition from other electronic corporations such as Samsung and Sony. In other instances, customers feel that some products which Apple creates come with imperfections. Others think that the company may withhold features from one product in a bid to sell that feature in their next product as a way of attracting more clients (Kushida, 2015). Apple ought to continue focusing on its major markets with all products ranging from print to digital to outdoor media. Most importantly, Apple should keep up with the current technology, and continue fulfilling customers’ needs and concerns in order to be the frontrunner in revolutionizing the digital marketplace.

Apple’s Competition in the Marketplace

In the digital marketplace, Apple does not have a major threat when it comes to competition. Google is the main competitor since it offers a vast amount of technology and applications. Apple needs to work extra hard to stay in the competition. Google dominates mainly in Android, which accounts for about 73% of global smartphone shipments (Appleyard, 2013). The company also provides other services such as search engines across the globe, and has about 90% popularity. Even with the stiff competition, Apple can set themselves apart by offering best merchandise to clients. Moreover, the company can improve its promotion strategies, and keep on developing unique products to remain competitive in the global market.

Can Apple Succeed Without Steve Jobs?

Jobs’s death on October 5, 2011 does not mean that the company cannot succeed. He was the central figure for the corporation since its launch. People knew him for being a forceful leader who made sure that the workers accomplished his goals and objectives he had for Apple. There were many changes regarding leadership after October 2011. Tim Cook assumed new leadership while Phil Schiller was one of the executives. Although Apple faces lack of skills in marketing products in the manner that Steve Jobs did, I believe that the company has the ability to continue thriving. The marketing team that Jobs had created will continue promoting the products in new market niches (Appleyard, 2013). Additionally, they will use the founder’s ideas and thoughts to present commodities to the market. The emergence of Apple had already impacted people’s lives, and thus it would be difficult for them to shun away from the products even after Jobs’s death. Although marketing will be difficult for Apple without Steve Jobs, the company still has ideas that people around the world continue to desire.

Overall, Apple is still a main player in the technology-dominated world. Every dawn, the company continues to specialize in newer technology to meet the changing demands of consumers across the globe. It can continue rebuilding on what Steve Jobs created and flourish for many years to come. Similarly, the company can increase the market niche to explore new areas as a way of expanding its market dominance in the world. Although it is prone to face stiff competition, Apple can still keep up with Google and other rivals through innovating more on electronic devices.